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This is a black and white image of Kaia. It is a close-up of her face. She has short, curly hair and is wearing dark lipstick.

My Services

Photo credit: @nadiameli

Let's do this together!

Public Speaking

From speaking at a variety events, TedX, for example,  Kaia holds the literacy to address with accessibility, empathy and understanding on a variety of topics - in particular, Anti-Racism and Racial Justice - and how we can move beyond the social convenience brought by lockdown and the resurgence of #blacklivesmatter.

Workshops & Training

As WatchThisSpace's Allyship and Anti-Racism lead, an award-winning organisation, Kaia hosts in-person and online training, to evaluate, strengthen and evolve your organization's, communities and individual understanding and conceptions around Allyship, Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion.

Art Commissions &
Live Poetry

Kaia’s talent explores her pronounced bravery, confidence and gratefulness as a Black artist has stemmed from. Through her forms, witnesses ready themselves to venture through Kaia’s reality and be vulnerable to “walk the walk” of her progressive embodiment of Black history, excellence and hunger.

(credit to FORE)

Kaia's most recent art project is a completed commission for Osprey, specifically for UK Black History Month.


Her art account is

Tarot Reading, Spiritual Counselling & Inner-Child Healing

With 5 years of experience, Kaia has connected deeply with her clients to offer them the gateway towards their intuitive knowledge and foresight, to give them guidance, clarity and hope in the ambiguity of their pathways.


Kaia is also a certified Spiritual Counsellor & Psychology

Empath, as well as a certified practitioner of Inner-Child Healing.

This is an image of Kaia's certificate of "Certified Practitoner - Heal the Inner Child". The logo is in a circle, and is light brown, lychee and black.
This is an image of Kaia's certificate: "Spiritual Counselor & Psychology Empath". There is an image of a bridge that runs over a lake, with tress and mountains on the horizon. There is a small beachside in the distance, with white clouds covering the sky.


Being grateful to say, Kaia is a high-achieving pupil in education, securing three A*’s at A-Level. From 8 months experience of in tutoring within a secondary school, Kaia has worked with over 30 children, helping them in both English and Maths, to boost their academic grades and further instil confidence, academically and personally.

Project Management
/ Coordination
Social Media Content Creation / Marketing

Since the age of 16, Kaia has organised, co-organised and collaborated on a diverse range of projects, often encapsulating her drive for social discourse, change and the betterment of everyone - for everyone. Her participation also entangled with her social media expertise, crafting content to educate on the digital realm, becoming a digital outlet for her activism.

This is an image of Kaia's qualification of "Blogging and Marketing Diploma". This was obtained in June 2020; the logo is black and white.


Since 2019, Kaia has delved and represented a variety of projects, exploring topics such as deconstructing the “White Gaze” and being a local activist, through the photographic lens, collaboration and conversation.

This is an image of Kaia. She is wearing yellow trousers, a green top, red lipstick and is holding a circle mirror, looking into her reflection.
This is an image of Kaia. It is a close-up photo of her face. She is smiling, with her eyes shut, and is wearing small, hooped earrings.
This is an image of Kaia. She is laying on a red sheet on some grass, wearing a long dress, sandals and rainbow earrings.
This is an image of Kaia. She is wearing a green t-shirt, a brown belt, pink trousers and is with a model, Alaa. She is posing against a white sheet.
This is an image of Kaia. She is wearing yellow trousers, a black top, red lipstick and purple heels. She is posing up against a beige cliff-face.






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