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About Me

Since 2019, Kaia has been a Racial Justice / Anti-Racism advocate, striving for change on a daily basis - no matter how "big", "small", or visible these may be. Kaia has bloomed since the grassroots of her activism, delivering a TEDx Talk (April 22nd, 2022), co-organising Brighton's own BLM peaceful demonstrations and campaign, and founding  @officialbrightonblm. 


As of November last year, Kaia joined the award-winning company "WatchThisSpace" team, as their own Anti-Racism and Allyship Lead, as well as a workshop/training consultant, specializing in sessions around Anti-Racism and Allyship, as well as Diversity and Inclusion. In addition, Kaia has recently been promoted to their Engagement Lead. Recently, Kaia has become a member of the "GeniusIsCommon" movement at the age of 20, a campaign striving to tear down the Berlin Wall of the word "genius".

Kaia is also the manager and co-host of the "YappedOutPodcast", a platform specifically focused on the experiences of BIPOC people, in order to give a spotlight to those who are often neglected by society. Kaia is also a multi-medium creative, who has a portfolio of collaborations with different organizations, companies and MORE!

This is only a small introduction to Kaia and her work. To find out more about herself, and her services, get in touch via the button below and/or visit the "Projects" and "Services" pages.

This is an image of Kaia and a model, Alaa. The photo is in black and white. Kaia is attaching a flower accessory to her friend's hair.



My socials

Want to get to know me better? Check the descriptions below to find my main social media directories and achievements :)

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My TedX Talk

"Does Revolution Need Decolonising?"

In April 2022, from my activism journey so far, I present the vision of accessible advocacy.


What's up Yappies!

The YappedOutPodcast is a platform specifically for BIPOC individuals. We have a global audience and reach.

RiseUp on Instagram

Kaia is a self-taught graphic designer, often creating illustrations that encapsulate and celebrate blackness, in all its glory.



Diversity & Inclusion


Kaia joined the award-winning company as their Engagement Lead, Anti-Racism and Allyship Lead, as well as a workshop & training consultant.



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